Certifications and Forms

Pursuant to Article 15 of Law No. 183/2011, government authorities and agencies administering public services can no longer require or accept certificates from private individuals issued by other public offices.

Therefore, to comply with current law, certificates issued by Luiss can only be used in relations between private individuals. These certificates contain the following phrase, as required by law: “This certificate may not be submitted to government authorities or private operators of public services.”

For relationships with government authorities and agencies administering public services, self-certification forms are always used in lieu of certificates, which these same entities and agencies are obligated to accept; if they do not, it is considered a violation of their official duties.

Please remember that individuals are personally responsible for all statements made, which are subject to verification by the administration. The administration will then take appropriate action if necessary.

To recap:

  • Certificates can be requested by visiting the PhD & Education Funding Office during normal opening hours. Only stamped certificates bearing the following wording may be requested: “This certificate may not be submitted to government authorities or private operators of public services.”


How to apply for stamped certificates

Pursuant to the current rules on obtaining stamped certificates, PhD students/graduates must submit the following in person at the PhD & Education Funding Office or send them to the

PhD & Education Funding Office, Luiss Guido Carli, Viale Romania 32, 00197 Rome:

  • an application form, to which a €16.00 duty stamp must be affixed;
  • a €16.00 duty stamp for each certificate requested.


How to pick up or receive stamped certificates

  • Certificates can be picked up in person or through an authorized proxy at the PhD & Education funding Office. The proxy must show their identification document and submit a duly signed authorization from the applicant on plain paper along with a photocopy of the latter’s identification document.
  • Certificates can be sent by mail to the address specified on the application form. The certificate(s) will be sent by registered mail. In any case, the applicant absolves the University from any responsibility for loss or damage.

Moduli in italiano

Forms in english


Diploma di Dottore di Ricerca

As soon as the PhD Diplomas are available for collection, the PhD graduates will receive an e-mail communication from the PhD & Education Funding Office explaining the methods of withdrawal.
The Diploma can be collected personally after completing the “Parchment release form”. It is possible to delegate a third party to collect the diploma or request it to be sent by post.

Modulo di richiesta pergamena

Parchment request form