Visiting Period – Incoming

PhD candidates enrolled in foreign universities may submit a request for a Visiting Period at Luiss by following the procedure below:

  1. Identify a Luiss professor within their area of research and get approval of availability to supervise them during the Visiting period;
  2. Following a positive response the PhD candidate must send an official request by e-mail to, inserting in CC the professor;
  3. The PhD candidate must attach to the e-mail the following documents:
    1. Updated CV;
    2. Certificate of enrollment to a PhD programme at their home University;
    3. Abstract of their research proposal – max 12000 characters;
    4. Statement of purpose (specifying the intended period of stay);
    5. Valid ID card/Passport
  4. The request must be approved by the Department; the PhD Academic Board will be informed accordingly.
  5. Upon receiving the Department’s approval, an Invitation letter will be transmitted to the PhD candidate.

The visiting PhD candidate can:

  • Research and study in the University premises;
  • Attend department seminars of interest for research;
  • Access research conferences held at the University (with payment of fees, if the conference provides for it);
  • access to the Library and University services;
  • benefit from the research supervision by the referring professor.

If the Visiting PhD Candidate is interested in taking courses at Luiss, they may approach the PhD & Education Funding Office for enrollment purposes.
An approximate cost for a single course at Luiss is of € 1300.

Please note: Luiss does not offer any financial support and/or accommodation to incoming PhD candidates.