Visiting Period – Incoming

PhD students already enrolled in a PhD course in a foreign university, with an interest in spending a period of study and research at our University, can attend our courses throught Visiting Period Incoming.

The procedure to be a visiting PhD can be described in the following steps:

  1. The PhD student must identify a Luiss professor and contact him to present his doctoral research, his visiting request and the activities he wishes to carry out during the period of visiting at Luiss.
  2. The teacher must communicate (by inserting a copy of the PhD Office) if he is available to play the role of scientific supervisor during the period in which the student will be at the University.
  3. The PhD student must provide the following documents to
    1. CV updated
    2. Certificate of enrolment to a PhD programme at your home University;
    3. Abstract of your research proposal – max 12000 characters;
    4. Statement of purpose (please specify in this document also when are you planning your visiting)
    5. Valid ID card/Passport
  4. The Department Director must approve the visiting at the Department Council; the Coordinator will be informed of the resolution.
  5. If the points listed above are positive, the University will be able to produce a letter of invitation to the PhD student, so that he can activate the procedure in his University.


The PhD vising student in Luiss can do for free the following activities:

  • Research and study in the University facilities;
  • Attend department seminars of interest for research;
  • Access research conferences held at the University (with payment of fees, if the conference provides for it);
  • access to the Library and University services;
  • benefit from the research supervision by the referring teacher.

Scholarship is not expected.