The co-tutorship of theses is an Agreement for PhD students aimed at issuing a double PhD degree which has value in two different countries.
The co-tutorship program requires the attendence of a period of research at Luiss Guido Carli (Home University) and at the partner university (Host University), almost for the same period.
The doctoral thesis, made under the guidance of two supervisors (or thesis directors), is discussed in a single venue and after the discussion, following the favorable judgment of the jury, will be issued by both contracting universities, the double degree of PhD.
The co-protection of theses is activated by means of a special agreement by the universities concerned and can be implemented in favor of doctoral students, preferably enrolled in the 1st year of the course.


PhDs of:

  • a PhD course at Luiss Guido Carli University that want to the activation of a co-tutorship program with an institution abroad: OUTGOING co-tutorship;
  • a PhD course at an institution abroad that want to apply for the activation of a co-tutelage program with the Luiss Guido Carli University: INCOMING co-tutorship

Requirements and procedures

The fundamental aspects to consider for the stipulation of the Co-tutorship Agreement are:

  1. enrollment in a PhD course, according to the regulations in force in one of the two countries (e.g. in Italy the minimum duration of the PhD is three years);
  2. favorable opinion of the Academic Board of the PhD program or of the corresponding for the partner institution;
  3. stipulation of a naming convention signed by the two legal representatives/Rectors;
  4. carrying out the research in alternate periods (approximately equivalent at each site and for an indicative minimum period of 12 months compared to the 36/48 months of the entire PhD program) in the institutions of the two countries, under the supervision of the two thesis directors/supervisors (one for each of the two partner universities);
  5. evaluation of the research activity carried out, carried out jointly by the two partner universities (as established in the Individual Agreement);
  6. passing a final exam before a selection board;
  7. release of the title of PhD and the corresponding academic title by each of the two partner universities, in compliance with the legislation of the individual country;

It is suggested that appropriate contacts be made with the relevant administrative offices at both universities to:

  1. verify its compliance from the point of view of the legislation / regulation of the specific country / institution (e.g. timing and requirements to be met for enrollment, rules concerning the carrying out of the final exam, needs of partners regarding the period of stay at the abroad and to pay any taxes, etc.);
  2. identify a teacher at both universities with whom to deepen their sustainability from an academic and scientific point of view;
  3. identify at the Host Institution
    1. a PhD course attributable, in terms of content, to the PhD course enrolled at the Home University;
    2. a scientific referent (thesis director / supervisor), possibly with the support of the reference professor, at the home university / home university – a scientific referent (thesis director / supervisor), possibly with the support of the reference teacher , at the home university / Home University.

Achievement of the double degree

In order to obtain the double degree, it is necessary to satisfy the requirements set by both sites.