Research Clusters

The Department of Political Science at Luiss University brings together scholars from a range of disciplinary backgrounds. While the core expertise of members of the department is in Political Science (including Comparative Politics, Electoral Studies, EU Politics and International Relations), we also have colleagues working in the fields of  sociology, political theory, philosophy, constitutional law, contemporary history and area studies.  

Members of the department collaborate in the context of a number of research clusters, indicating the thematic areas of academic excellence present in our department. These clusters therefore also provide a guide of the broad areas in which we are able to provide supervision for PhD projects.

Clusters of Research Excellence in the Department of Political Science



The activities of the research clusters center on the interests of the core members and work from where their interests and expertise overlap. The new four research clusters have launched a new seminars series. Called “work in progress,” the series gives senior and junior faculty as well as (occasionally) external speakers the opportunity to present their researches (articles, book proposals, manuscript, and research project) and receive feedbacks.

In addition, the clusters are in the process of formulating the research areas and keywords as well as the guidelines for the recruitment of 8 post-docs, whose appointment will begin in September 2023. Post-docs, as well as doctoral students, are core members of the clusters. The clusters are also working closely with the Research Office for the organization of events (such as informative sessions) open to potential candidate for Marie Sklodowska-Curie Fellowships applicants. In the short-medium run, the idea is to organize, on a yearly base, a pre-selection of the candidates interested in applying for these fellowships with Luiss as a host institution.