Current PhD Candidates

Ermes Antonucci

Provisional Thesis Title: History of the Italian judiciary in the Republican period: between institutional continuity and change (1948-2020). (Cycle 35)

 Stefan Michele Barratt

Provisional Thesis Title: Culture in populism: assessing when populism can be a problematic form of cultural affiliations within democracy. (Cycle 35)

Matteo Bocchialini

Provisional Thesis Title: Future-fitting the past: reconsidering the role of cultural heritage in the process of shaping models of sustainability and Climate Change mitigation and adaptation. (Cycle 33)

Federico Bonomi

Provisional Thesis Title: Tying hands or sharing risks? Explaining the evolution of the EU fiscal governance from the financial crisis to the pandemic. (Cycle 38)

Maximilian Brüning

Provisional Thesis Title: European cultural (heritage) policy and its approach to sustainable development. (Cycle 37)

Andrea Capati

Provisional Thesis Title: European Integration in the Pandemic Era: A Critical Junctures Analysis. (Cycle 35)

Noemi Ciarniello

Provisional Thesis Title: Feminism, neoliberalism and neoconservatism, reurgences of Italian Destra Sociale. (Cycle 36)

Adam Courtley

Provisional Thesis Title: Measuring the endurance of Populist Political Communication within mainstream political actors of the UK. (Cycle 37)

Elise Daniaud

Provisional Thesis Title: Twittering Syria in Russian Media: an approach to Russian political strategies at national and international level (2015-2021). (Cycle 37)

Giulia Gallinella

Provisional Thesis Title: The impact of crises on the delegation of powers at the EU level. (Cycle 36)

Mattia Gatti

Provisional Thesis Title: Filling The Political SupplyGap? Western European Radical Left PartiesTargeting the Left-Authoritarians’ Quadrant. (Cycle 38)

Dora Hegedus

Provisional Thesis Title: Towards a Europe of Subregions? Investigating the Illiberal Challenge of the Visegrad Group. (Cycle 36)

Alberto Manuel Hers Martinez

Provisional Thesis Title: Collective self-determination in times of depoliticization: an exploration of the site of democratic politics. (Cycle 36)

Marco Improta

Provisional Thesis Title: Government stability in Western Europe: a comparative analysis. (Cycle 35)

Bosco Lebrun

Provisional Thesis Title: Understanding Millenials’ Views on a World Parliament from the European Experience. (Cycle 38)

Costanza Marcellino

Provisional Thesis Title: The role of political efficacy in shaping European identity: A comparison of the national and European level. (Cycle 37)

Carlo Marsonet

Provisional Thesis Title: Liberalism, communitarianism, populism: A Laschian Perspective (of the God Society). (Cycle 35)

Zeynep Mentesoglu Tardivo

Provisional Thesis Title: The Effect of Populist Parties on marginalised groups. (Cycle 36)

Roelof Albert Nijmeijer

Provisional Thesis Title: To what extent the content of disinformation campaigns on social media is adapted to match unique characteristics of the society that they target. (Cycle 34)

Enrico Petrocelli 

Provisional Thesis Title: Reconciling strategic competition and cooperative security: the normative power of regional security architectures in a multipolar international system. (Cycle 37)

Carolina Polito

Provisional Thesis Title: The Race for AI Dominance: Effects on African Cybersecurity. (Cycle 37)

Lorenzo Santini

Provisional Thesis Title: The Parliamentarization of EU Foreign Policy:Patterns of Institutional Leadership. (Cycle 38)

Federico Trastulli

Thesis Title: The Determinants of Intrafamily Ideological Differentiation: Western European Social Democracy Between 1990 and 2019. (Cycle 35)

Ivan Zaccagnini

Provisional Thesis Title:Industrial Policy in the Age of Complexity: Emerging Technologies and the International Competition in Commercial and Defence Markets. (Cycle 38)