Ph.D Program in Politics

Ours is a fully-funded program, providing PhD candidates with scholarships for four years of research and study.

Every PhD researcher will receive supervision from two scholars with expertise in the field, at least one of whom is drawn from among the internationally renowned members of the Academic Board of the program.

The PhD also includes a taught element, with courses on theories, methods, research design and a range of academic skills. In addition, we support research and fieldwork through funding for periods of study abroad and cooperation with international partners (such as the Doctoral Training Programme in London).

The Department of Political Science at Luiss University has excellence in a number of research clusters and we invite research proposals specifically in these areas: Regional and Global Governance, European Integration; Communication Studies; Parliaments, Elections and Political Representation; Politics and Institutions: History, Normative Theory and Current Practices; Public Policy.

Introduction of the Programme by Thomas Christiansen, PhD Coordinator

Presentation of Dora Hegedus, current PhD Candidate