Communication, Sustainability and Social Innovation (Cluster IV)

The cluster on Communication, Sustainability and Social Innovation engages with processes of social transformation and innovation, with the impact of global changes on inequality, and with political sustainable development. It approaches society from a perspective of intersectionality and inclusivity.  The themes of interest, among others, are: democratic participation, media and communication; the transformation of family; technology and the humans; the challenge of demographic and environmental change; issues of gender and equality; the impact of the AI on society; communicative ecology.

Coordinated by: Emiliana De Blasio (

Keywords: media politics, demographic changes, societal transformation, gender politics, environmental studies, media and democracy.

Members: Cristina Alaimo, Noemi Ciarniello, Adam Courtley, Emiliana De Blasio (coordinator), Livia De Giovanni, Lorenzo Federico, Alessandro Orsini, Gianfranco Pellegrino, Michele Sorice, Kristina Stoeckl, Maria Rita Testa.