Global and International Studies (Cluster II)

The research cluster on  Global and International Studies explores, from different angles and disciplines, the analytical, normative and conceptual tools aimed at studying both the “global” and the “international” dimension of politics, the institutional regimes of governance emerging at these various levels, as well as approaches to foreign policy. The cluster also encourages research on current global challenges as well as on political actors and institutions populating the emerging global arena.

Coordinated by: Valentina Gentile (

Keywords: foreign policy, global and international actors, global and international justice, global and international security, global poverty, environmental justice, global health; migration, human rights, strategic studies.

Members: Maria Elena Cavallaro, Enrico Ciappi, Francesca Maria Corrao, Salvatore Custureri, Debora Del Piano, Rosario Forlenza, Megan Foster, Valentina Gentile (coordinator), Angelo Jr Golia, Mohammed Hashas, Alberto Manuel Hers Martinez, Bosco Lebrun, Martina Lucaccini, Sebastiano Maffettone, Raffaele Marchetti, Silvia Menegazzi, Carolina Polito, Giacomo Sillari, Manfredi Valeriani, Ivan Zaccagnini.