Elections and Political Systems (Cluster I)

The research cluster on Elections and Political Systems engages with and supports research on different fields within the framework of political systems: elections, public opinion, and voting behaviour; political parties and party systems; political institutions and elites. The cluster encourages collaborations across different disciplines (e.g., Political Science, History, Public Law), methodological approaches (theoretical or empirical, qualitative or quantitative, small-N or large-N studies), and perspectives (domestic or comparative ones).

Coordinated by: Vincenzo Emanuele (vemanuele@luiss.it)

Keywords: elections, voting behavior, political parties, party systems, political institutions, social structures, interest groups, political elites, public opinion.

Members: Lorenzo De Sio, Vera Capperucci, Nicola Lupo, Davide Angelucci, Gaetano Quagliariello, Marc Lazar.