Recently Defended PhDs

Irene Landini – 8 July 2022

Welfare chauvinism and social policy: how politicians justify migrants’ exclusion from social programs in Western Europe.

Akif Cem Ozkardes – 20 May 2022

The Policy Roots of Left-Wing Euroscepticism: Responsiveness Against Responsibility in Southern European Ruling Parties.

Megan Foster – 25 June 2020

Legitimacy and stability in the era of globalization: toward a political conception of human rights.

Lucia Ponzo – 25 June 2020

Il Back Channel Kissinger/Dobrynin (1969-1972): prove di normalizzazione tra le due superpotenze.

Letizia Zingoni – 23 June 2020

National Security Implication of Chinese FDIs United Kingdom, Germany, Italy and France as host states (2006-2016)”

Sara Venditti – 18 June 2020

New Wings for Europe Western European Strategic Cooperation and Integration in the Aerospace Field: Ariane and Eurofighter, 1973–1985

Margherita Galassini – 16 June 2020

Religion and Liberal Legitimacy

Tiziano Zgaga – 4 June 2020

The fiscal regime of the European Union and its autonomy from the Member States: a comparative federal analysis

Alessio Calabrò – 2018

Neo-Pan-Islamism in Turkey: foreign policy discourse of Turkey’s Islamist thinkers and parties (1970s-1990s).

Luca Carrieri – 2018

Beyond the Left-Right dimension? The impact of European integration on West European party politics.

Mattia Casula – 2018

Economic Growth and Cohesion Policy Implementation in Italy and Spain: Institutions, Strategic Choices, Administrative Change.

Carlos Domper – 2018

Elections under dictatorship: Francoism and the New State in comparative perspective, 1945-1975.

Manfredi Mangano – 2018

The History of Relations between Tito’s Yugoslavia and Western European Socialdemocracy, 1948-1965.

Silvia Mocchi – 2018

Mosques in Europe: between Toleration and Respect. A study of the 2015 Lombardy Law for Places of Worship.

Giorgia Priorelli – 2018

The Idea of Nation in Fascism and Falangism.

Alessandro Rico – 2018

A Conservative Theory of Political Obligation