Teaching Program


A.Y. 2023/2024

Learning areas (SSD)

The Department of Business and Management excels in numerous clusters of research but is specifically interested in research projects related to the following prevalent areas of research:

SECS-P/08 – Economia e gestione delle imprese
SECS-P/09 – Economia degli intermediari finanziari e finanza aziendale
SECS-P/10 – Organizzazione aziendale

Program structure

The PhD programme consists of four years of full-time study. The overall path consists of research and teaching training, a visiting period abroad, and dissertation preparation. The first two years are dedicated to coursework and preparation of the dissertation proposal.
Year 1 consists of disciplinary courses in management and research methods. During this year the students will achieve at least 60 Credits by following and passing a series of exams in the areas of research methods (quantitative and qualitative), and core courses covering Organization theory, Theory of the firm and Management.
Year 2 is dedicated to courses on a chosen field of specialization. During this year, students will follow courses and pass exams in specialised fields of Management. Students also follow a programme of reading and reflecting on relevant literature on the chosen research problem with the support of the supervisor, concluding with the development of a research proposal. At the end of this year students will have achieved at least 120 credits.
Years 3 and 4 are devoted to the main body of the research – i.e. empirical data collection and analysis – and to dissertation preparation, culminating in the submission and defense of the thesis. Along the entire learning path, students are also exposed to Department seminars and to workshops on publication strategies and approaches to the international job market. Department seminars are compulsory and allow students to achieve credits. The remaining credits are attributed to the advancement of the thesis work, including research carried out in a foreign university and to the writing of the final dissertation.

Program Goals

The Luiss PhD Programme in Management aims to educate talented students to produce rigorous and relevant research. By completing the Luiss PhD Programme in Management, successful graduates will:

  • develop an ability to pursue and publish scholarly research;
  • acquire in-depth knowledge of the relevant literature of the area of study;
  • produce original contributions to knowledge in an area of study;
  • develop an ability in using quantitative and qualitative research methods and techniques;
  • develop an ability to critically assess scholarly research work;
  • develop an ability to present and discuss academic work and their implications in a variety of contexts  including practitioner-oriented ones.

1° YEAR 2023/2024
Term 1 – September/ December 2023
n. Subject Professor hs CFU
1 Epistemology Giacomo Sillari 20 4
2 Statistics and Data Analysis for Management Davide Angelucci 10 2
3 Management Research Methods Raffaele Oriani 20 4
4 Qualitative Research Methods L.Giustiniano e S.Balachandran Nair 20 4
5 Econometrics I Santucci De Magistris 20 4
6 Introduction to time-series and panel data Maria Elena Bontempi 12 2
7 Topics in econometrics Roberto Basile 12 2
8 Organization and Technology Luigi Marengo 20 4
Term 2 – February/ May 2024
n. Subject Professor hs CFU
9 Econometrics II Toke Reichstein 35 7
10 Organization Theory Joannis Kallinikos 20 4
11 Introduction to Organization Theory Joannis Kallinikos 9 2
12 Experimental Methods Giovanna Devetag 14 3
13 How to get published Driem Faems 20 4
14 Social Network Analysis Daniele Mascia 20 4
15 Theory of the Firm A. Zattoni e G.Valentini 20 4
16 Structural Equation Modelling Gaetano Miceli 20 4
17 Advanced Qualitative Research Methods Niels Noorderhaven 20 4
18 Project studies N. Noorderhaven e A. Davies 10 2
2° YEAR 2024/2025
Term 1 – September / December 2024
n. Subject Professor hs CFU
20 Economics and Management of Innovation Mats Magnusson 15 3
21 Accounting Saverio Bozzolan 15 3
22 Corporate Governance Alessandro Zattoni 15 3
23 Marketing R. Pozharliev 15 3
24 International Business Matteo Caroli 15 3
25 Industrial dynamics V. Meliciani e F.Lotti 15 3
26 Corporate Finance Pierluigi Murro 15 3
27 Research in ethics responsability and sustainaibility Tommaso Ramus 15 3
Term 2 – February/ May 2025
Faculty Seminars + PhD Seminars and workshops 3 PhD seminars on Entrepreneurship by Leichner / 15
Presentazione research proposal 20
3° YEAR 2025/2026
Term 1 – September / December 2025
Altre attività / 6
Visiting period o Altre attività 25
Term 2 – February/ May 2026
Visiting period o Altre attività 25
4° YEAR 2026/2027
Term 1 – September / December 2026
Thesis drafting 25
Term 1 – September / December 2026
Final Thesis / 36
totale 240


N.B. The PhD courses are open also to students enrolled in PhD programmes of other Universities, upon payment of a fee. For further information please contact Dott.ssa Isabella Iavarone (iiavarone@luiss.it)