Ph. D. in Economics

Introduction of the Programme by Pietro Reichlin , PhD Coordinator

The PhD in Economics at Luiss


The PhD in Economics at Luiss Guido Carli is a four-year program providing advanced education in all the main areas of economics. The program is fully funded and provides all students a scholarship for four years. It requires full-time attendance and is taught in English.

Our program is designed to give students the ability to understand and solve a broad spectrum of economic problems and to impart training in cutting-edge analytical, empirical, and quantitative techniques. Students acquire the necessary skills to undertake both academic and professional careers, in universities, international research institutions, public authorities, central banks, consulting and financial institutions.

In the first and second year, students follow advanced topic courses covering quantitative methods (mathematics and statistics), computer programming and all the main areas in Economics: Applied Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Econometrics and Finance. The third and fourth years are devoted to writing the doctoral dissertation. Reading groups, workshops and seminars are also part of the learning activities. See here for further informations.

The program is coordinated by Prof. Pietro Reichlin and governed by the Academic board bringing together an international group of scholars,  among members of the department as well as professors from other institutions. The PhD Coordinator and the Academic Board are supported by the program’s PhD tutor and the colleagues in the University’s PhD office.

Luiss has reached an agreement with the Einaudi Institute for Economics and Finance (EIEF) and the Department of Economics and Finance of Tor Vergata for a joint study program. Hence, all students have access to a rich and diversified portfolio of courses and seminars.

Every year, three students, among those admitted to the Luiss PhD, are selected to be part of the Rome Economics Doctorate (RED), a joint program and degree co-organized by EIEF, Luiss and Tor Vergata. Although all the courses offered within the RED are accessible to all PhD students at Luiss, the RED students have a privileged access to the EIEF facilities and are subject to some extra restrictions related to their study program. Any information about the RED program can be found in the dedicated webpage.  

The Handbook of the PhD in Economics for the Academic Year 2021/2022 can be found here.

Annual PhD Conference

At the beginning of the Fall Semester (beginning of September) of every academic year, the partner programs (Luiss, Tor Vergata and RED) jointly organize a one-day conference where the PhD students of the three institutions have the opportunity to present their work (typically a draft paper from the dissertation) in front of their peer and the academic staff. The first edition of the Annual PhD Economics and Finance Conference took place September 9, 2022 at Luiss. The next edition will be hosted by Tor Vergata in September 2023.