Shuttle Service

A free shuttle service links the university venues of Viale Romania 32 and Viale Pola 12.

In August 2019, Luiss launched its completely ecological Shuttle Service for students, professors and staff, the first of its kind in Italy.

The shuttles, currently running on natural gas with new electric models coming soon, allow members of the Luiss community to travel between the University’s campuses in Rome in a sustainable and technological way, thanks to the Luiss App-based reservation system.

To prevent lines and waiting times, users must book their ride and obtain a QR code at least five minutes before boarding the shuttle.

The app also allows users to see where shuttles are currently located, to check arrival times and to book a space for those requiring assistance. Users are asked to cancel bookings if no longer necessary.

The service is available Monday through Saturday, with signs on the Viale Romania and Via Parenzo campuses to update users on shuttle locations in real time.

The Shuttle Service is managed by Cilia Italia (RATP Development) in partnership with Acea Energia and Electric Drive Italia as an expansion of Luiss Green Mobility, the first smart, sustainable and shared university mobility service in Europe, now counting 10 assisted-pedal bikes, 8 electric cars and 34 on-campus charging stations.

Between March 2018 and July 2019, vehicles have been rented 6,000 times, covering over 58,000 kilometers, for a total reduction of 6.515 kg of carbon dioxide emissions.

Click here to watch “Luiss Shuttle Service – Tutorial App“.