Comparative evaluation for admission to each program is based on what is set out in the relevant specific Annexes hereto.

The Admissions Commission that comparatively evaluates the candidates for each doctoral program is appointed by decree of the Rector of Luiss Guido Carli, subject to consultation with the Academic Board (Collegio dei Docenti) and consists of at least three members. Such members will either be professors or acknowledged experts in the subject and may be citizens of another country. In any event, the number of professors must exceed the number of experts on the Admissions Commission.

Once the competition exam has been completed, the Admissions Commission ranks, for each doctoral program, the candidates based on the sum of the points awarded to each one.
In the event of a tie between candidates as regards their overall score, the following select criteria shall be used to establish the ranking order for admission and scholarship purposes:
a) in the event of a tie, the points awarded to Phase One of the selective process;
b) in the event of a further tie, the points awarded in connection with the oral exam;
c) in the event of a further tie, the points awarded for the Research Proposal.