Public Policy (Cluster VI)

Members: Emiliana De Blasio, Maximilian Brüning, Noemi Ciarniello, Livia De Giovanni, Antonio La Spina, Giacomo Sillari, Mark Thatcher, Maria Rita Testa

Coordinated by: Emiliana De Blasio (

Keywords: behavioural economics, rule of law, openness and transparency, social statistics, gender, cultural heritage

The cluster “Public Policy” provides opportunities for Ph.D. students and early career researchers to explore, the dynamics of policy making process and its capacity to improve both public participation and efficiency in decision making.  Potential research topics include the analysis of open government and e-democracy, the impact of policies in promoting a culture of legality, the use of data for provisional analysis and institutional reshaping, the relationships between public opinion, individual behaviours and economic choices, the questions of gender and the role of cultural heritage in promoting a democratic and inclusive culture.