Politics and Institutions (Cluster V)

Members: Maria Elena Cavallaro, Francesca Corrao, Raffaele De Mucci, Lorenzo De Sio, Giuseppe Di Gaspare, Vincenzo Emanuele, Rosario Forlenza, Valentina Gentile, Lorenzo Infantino, Sebastiano Maffettone, Giovanni Orsina, Gianfranco Pellegrino, Giacomo Sillari.

Coordinated by: Rosario Forlenza (rforlenza@luiss.it)

Keywords: social and political practices, political theory, normative political analysis, institutions, interpretive and quantitative methods.

The cluster “Politics and Institutions: History, Normative Theory and Current Practices” provides opportunities for PhD students to explore, both within and across traditional division by fields, the historical, structural, and symbolic conditions that articulate the framework in which the political takes place and make sense, and the social emerge. Potential research topics include the dynamic and interacting influences of social norms and practices, political norms and institutions, and the empirical, normative and theoretical approaches to politics.