European Integration (Cluster II)

Members: Luca Bartolucci, Maximilian Brüning, Andrea Capati, Maria Elena Cavallaro, Matilde Ceron, Francesco Cherubini, Ylenia Citino, Thomas Christiansen, Francesca Corrao, Sergio Fabbrini, Cristina Fasone, Giulia Gallinella, Giuseppe Di Gaspare, Dora Hegedus, Nicola Lupo, Alberto Manuel Hers Martinez, Costanza Marcellino, Matteo Monti, Elena Sciso, Marta Simoncini, Mark Thatcher

Coordinated by: Cristina Fasone (

Keywords: EU institutions, EU policy-making, history of European integration, multilevel governance, EU external action

The research cluster on “European Integration” will provide interested PhD students with an opportunity to engage in research projects dealing with the EU from a political, historical and legal perspective, including both theoretical and empirical studies. Potential areas of interest encompass EU institutions and bodies, the decision-making procedures and policies, the cultural and historical roots of the integration process and their developments, the EU in comparative perspective and the EU’s external relations.