PhD Awards – Premio SIE per Tesi di Dottorato di ricerca in campo economico

Our PhD doctor, Manuel Romagnoli, recently won an important award "PhD Thesis in Economics area" XXII edition at SIE (Italian Society for Economics) for his thesis “Essays on the Co-Evolution between Strategies and Technologies”. Manuel Romagnoli is currently post-doc at the chair of Microeconomics at the Friedrich-Schiller University in Jena (Germany). He defended with laude his PhD in Management from LUISS on July 2022 with a thesis titled “Essays on the Co-Evolution between Strategies and Technologies” supervised by professors Luigi Marengo and Valentina Meliciani. His research focuses in understanding how the emergence of new technologies is related to firms’ activities -in particular search strategies- and how the latter ones are influenced by technological structures. To do so, he makes use of simulation models and statistical techniques. Prior to joining LUISS, Manuel served for five years as a junior researcher in industrial economics in a private research centre. He holds a BA in Law and Economics and an MA in Economics from the University of Bologna, and an MSc in Economic Policy from the University College of London.