The PhD programme consists of four years of full-time study. The overall path consists of research, a visiting period abroad, and dissertation preparation.

While supervised research is the core element and involves the candidate conducting independent research leading to the completion of an original contribution to knowledge within four years, taught courses are offered in the 1st and 2nd year of the PhD trajectory in order to provide candidates with a sound foundation in theories, methods and skills of social science and provide them with the required concepts and tools to undertake their individual research projects.

Research Seminars constitute a forum for PhD candidates to present their work in progress as well as listen and learn from the presentations of their peers. They also include the opportunity to participate in, and contribute to, the departmental research seminar which is usually taking place on a weekly basis and to the Annual PhD conference organized together with EIEF and Tor Vergata University.

Year 1 consists of courses in all fields economics, finance, mathematics and research methods courses. The courses require class attendance and presentations may be assigned as well. During the second year the PhD candidates will achieve credits attending specialized courses, while also working on their Research Proposal.

PhD candidates also follow a programme of relevant literature reading on the chosen research problem with the support of the supervisor, concluding with the development of a research proposal. The research proposal is assessed at the end of the second year.

To accede to the following academic year, the doctoral PhD candidates must achieve satisfactory completion of the courses taught in the first year and satisfactory presentation of their research outputs at the Annual PhD Conference and at the departmental research seminars.

In addition, we have signed an agreement with the Bank of Italy  for an Executive PhD program, and with EIEF and the Department of Economics and Finance at Tor Vergata University for sharing courses and activities within the RED  program.